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Infinitylaw is a highly featured, fully integrated, Legal Accounting, Management, and Marketing System. It enables many features to be customised to fit the particular needs of your firm and individuals within the firm.

Infinitylaw is built using contemporary Windows and Microsoft technology, including SQL Server, XML, and .Net with Windows and browser user interfaces. There is close integration with Microsoft Office to provide complementary functionality and the same look-and feel desktop.

Support for Infinitylaw can be obtained by logging into the Infinitylaw Portal site and submitting a support ticket.

Alternatively, you can email the Infinitylaw Support Desk.

AML/CFT Reporting Regulations 1 July 2018

Law firms come under the AML/CFT Reporting Regulations from 1 July 2018. If you have not already done so, please ensure that you have activated your Due Diligence and, in particular, set the AML transaction monitoring active before 2 July 2018 so that you will correctly record details of any Prescribed Transactions that are processed through your Trust Account. (Parameters > Setup > Additional Controls > AML/CFT Settings).

Note that even if your firm does not run a Trust Account, you are responsible for reporting any Suspicious Activity through the goAML system, so we recommend that you set-up the AML facilities within Infinitylaw for your staff to be able to record any Unusual Activity for the Compliance Officer to evaluate to determine whether it is Suspicious and requires reporting. 


Whilst firms can register to create their B2Bs using the doucments provided by the FIU.  The testing process for the automated submissions of PTRs is still being completed so the solution is not ready for you to use.

You will need to report your PTRs manually until the testing is complete.  When the system is ready for use you will receive an email from goAMLconsult@police.govt.nz

In the first instance please review the document goAML Registration in  Help > Knowledge Base > AML

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